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Gosh! Why Does My Face Look Rounder As I Grow Older?

This is a common question I get from my clients.

Many don’t understand that the first sign of skin laxity and aging is when it starts getting pulled to the ground by dreadful gravity so that our faces no longer looks sharp and slim but fat and round. Don’t underestimate this phenomenon: it starts as early as the age of 30. There may not even be significant wrinkles or lines, but early skin drooping is the precursor to jowling and eventually, this:

Skin tightening is the most important treatment to fight signs of aging, as it keeps out the wrinkles and the sag. Everything else is secondary.

So, what is the best treatment for achieving firm and youthful skin that can turn heads and stop traffic?

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Ulthera uses ultrasonic energy to create pin points of heat in 2 layers of the skin: the muscle and the subcutaneous fat tissue. This causes contraction of the muscle layer that effects a lifting and contracts the more superficial layer to achieve a textural tightening that smooths out the wrinkles and coaxes the skin to adhere more tightly to the underlying bone structure, restoring your youthful V shape face.


Ulthera is a USA FDA approved machine device for skin tightening and results are clinically proven to be highly effective for loose and saggy skin. I have previously tried other brands as well and I must say that in comparison, the results for Ulthera are far better and more visible indeed. Ask for Ulthera, not just any HIFU!


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