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A Curious Case of Reverse Aging & Anti-Aging: Mr. Putin

Does Vladimir Putin age? I was recently reading through my lecture notes from the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine and noticed a slide which says that Mr. Putin is an example of reverse aging.

I looked up on the internet and viola, a picture speaks a thousand words. Putin seems to have stopped aging in its track, refusing to bow down to the natural weather of time.

See photos below: left, Mr. Putin in year 2000, and right, Mr. Putin in year 2017. Amazing & impressive right?

No one can be absolutely certain whether he underwent aesthetics / cosmetics treatment – but what I know is that he looks good, handsome and manly - like well aged wine.

Mr. Putin’s hallmark eye bags and hollow cheeks which gives icy and stern look are all but gone. He now has plump cheeks – typical of a young man in his 30s.

From experience, most people will start to see the gradual skeletonisation of their faces by 50 years old or so. It appears however that Putin is experiencing reverse aging, and is having a more rounded and plump face – especially at the cheeks.

My guess I that if he has anything done at all – it will be perhaps be injectable facial fillers, botox and laser skin resurfacing.

Botox would be very effective in keeping the foreheads wrinkle free, and also prevent the occurrence of crow’s feet around the eyes.

Facial fillers would be extremely useful for plumbing and volumising the cheeks so as to reduce the aging process of skeletonisation and sag below the eyes and cheeks. Facial fillers can also be injected around the eyes to reduce the hollowing out effect.

Finally, laser skin resurfacing or fractional laser also tightens “creepy” or wrinkly skin around the eyes.

The magical thing about minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are that it does not require the person to go “under the knife”. The advantage of minimally invasive medical aesthetics procedures are that recovery time could be as little as 72 hours, as all the procedures highlighted above can be administered with injections or surface abrasion.

In those 72 hours, any redness or bruising can be hidden by make-ups or sunglasses.


This is why I love minimally invasive medical aesthetics. Improvement is often obvious but subtle; and such subtle and gradual reverse of aging are very hard for the average person to draw a conclusion that work had been done. The radiant look may be from exercise, healthy living, and eating the right food.

Indeed, I would say this is the direction which our world is moving. Gone are the days where powerful men did not care how they look. Today, powerful men want everything, the power, money and looks to boot.

Thanks to the advancement of medical aesthetics, reverse aging is real and possible. Visit your aesthetics physician today to stop signs of aging in its tracks, before it is too late.


Tiffiny Yang ​

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