Personal Beauty is Greater Recommendation than any Letter of Reference - Aristotle  

My favorite treatment for anyone and anytime: 

for anti-aging skin rejuvenation, and acne elimination

Is there a treatment which I would recommend anyone of any age?


Yes! The Omni-Laser© Light Treatment is suitable for almost anyone. I personally do it all the time as well.


Why do I love it so much? Because improvements continue to be seen when the Omni-Laser Light treatment prescription has ended.


Indeed, the name of the treatment says it all. “Omni” means “all encompassing” – so the treatment is an all-encompassing laser light type treatment. Like most light treatments, the Omni-Laser Light treatment offers one of the best and most permanent improvement for common symptoms of aging.


Independent studies done on Omni-Laser Light found that the effect on a vast majority of the subjects are as follows:


  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles;

  • improves skin texture by making the skin much softer and smoother;

  • restoration of damaged & aging skin;

  • reduces facial pigmentation & brown spots;

  • overall skin rejuvenation; and

  • eliminates acne (click here to skip directly to how Omni-Laser Light can help in your acne).


So if you already have smooth and youthful looking skin, the Omni-Laser Light treatment will keep aging, wrinkles and age spots at bay. Keeping your skin soft and smooth for a long time to come.


If you have acne, the Omni-Laser Light treatment will help eradicate acne. The Omni-Laser Light is well known as a superb treatment for acne! (click here to skip directly to how Omni-Laser Light can help in your acne)


Results are amazing and wonderful, but is it safe? And how does the Omni-Laser Light works?


The Omni-Laser Light treatment is extremely safe. The wavelength of the Omni-Laser Light is calibrated, adjusted and carefully positioned to deliver the precise wavelength and strength for the intended result.


It is non-invasive – and more importantly, not painful at all! Omni-Laser Light is shined on the selected area to stimulate the body’s own cellular self-healing & repair mechanism by a process known as photo modulation.


Throughout the treatment process, you will not feel any heat or pain. There is therefore no damage to the skin, no side effects, and no downtime – making this a must-do anti-aging maintenance routine treatment .


Because it is so safe, it is can be done alongside your other beauty treatments – such as IPLs, Facial Lasers, Infini, Thermage, Ulthera, etc.


Omni-Laser Light for Anti-ageing & Skin Rejuvenation


Now, let me try to explain a bit more on how the Omni-Laser Light works in its fight against aging and how it promotes skin rejuvenation.


As we age, the amount of collagen (the protein which produces our youthful looks) which our body naturally produces drops year by year. Ever wondered why a 5 year old kid has elastic chubby cheeks, whilst an elderly person has sunken boney cheeks? This is due to collagen loss. Therefore, as we age, we lose more and more collagen, resulting in pigmented, dry, thin & wrinkly skin.


Sunlight, which contains ultra violet rays are also to be blamed for pre-mature aging. The ultra-violet rays from the sun breaks down and prevents the production of new collagen.

This is where the Omni-Laser Light Treatment comes in to save the day. The Omni-Laser Light treatment encourages and stimulates the body’s natural response to produce collagen to fight signs of aging. It basically stimulates the body to self-rejuvenate by producing collagen.



Omni-Laser Light for Acne Treatment & Elimination


I am sure you already know this, but acne is not caused by eating oily foods, but by bacteria.


Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands on a person’s skin produces too much oil or sebum. The excess sebum then clogs the skin’s pores, causing bacteria on the skin to take root and grow within the pores. Our skin responds to the bacteria growth by inflammation and reddening of the skin which are the famous outward signs of acne.


A common bacteria responsible for acne redness and inflammation is the bacteria known as Propionibacterium. It had been clinically proven that the Propionibacterium bacteria is killed and eliminated when the Omni-Laser blue wavelength light is shined on it. With no bacteria present on the skin, the inflammation and redness goes away as well.


The Omni-Laser red wavelength light is also known to stimulate healing for compromised tissue – so it restores skin that has been damaged by an acne outbreak.


That is why the best treatment for acne will be to alternate between the blue and red Omni-Laser lights to eradicate bacteria and promote skin healing. From experience, this method of treatment can clear 70-80% of acne lesions. The benefits continue even after the treatment finishes, usually lasting at least 6 months though a few top-up treatments might be needed.


These excellent acne elimination results come with no downtime or pain, and is suitable for every one of all ages.


Best results are achieved by also using a suitable skincare product recommended by your cosmetic doctor, and having a hydrafacial or hydrodermabrasion facial treatment to wash off the excess oil and sebum on the facial skin.


Here is a brief diagram to explain what the different wavelengths of Omni-Laser Lights are, and what they can do.

As always, please feel free to ask me anything about this article. I would love to be able to provide you with my two cents worth.


Tiffiny Yang

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