Do you know everything you need to know about this trending treatment for nose enhancement? Read this to learn about the latest developments on Nose Threadlift Augmentation

I frequently have patients ask me all sorts of questions about non-surgical jaw reduction, and whether is it even possible to create a slim V face shaped face. Here’s a summary of what you might really want to know about it.

There are so many different facial dermal fillers on the market these days. Which is the best and why?

Some shudder at the word Botox, but is it as scary as it sounds? It is actually a miracle and you have got to read more to find out.

Is Medical Aesthetics an Art or Science - How to find the right Costemtic Doctor?

written by Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷 著

Medical Aesthetics is clearly medicine, as the equipment and drugs used are essentially medical grade. But is there an element of art as well? How should I choose a doctor? Let's explore.

Gosh! Why does my face look rounder as a grow older?!

written by Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷 著

This is a very common question I get from my patients. How to avoid saggy skin on the face? Have a look and see me undergoing a non-invasive facelift - Ulthera on myself!

Men are like wine, and they get more attractive as they age. This is perhaps true - older men without wrinkles are good looking! Ask Mr. Putin.

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