"Personal beauty is greater recommendation than any letter of reference" - Aristotle  

Is Aesthetics Medicine an Art or a Medical Science? 

A patient recently asked me this question, which made me pause and think for a while.  It’s a very good question and I thought that this is something worth sharing with everyone.

Medical aesthetics is undoubtedly a medical science. I don’t know about you, but I would not allow a beautician without medical training to inject botox in my face. As most of you are aware, Botox is a drug made from a neuro-toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. 


It is a TOXIN, a POISON! Which should rightfully be administered by doctors.


Then again, I would argue that aesthetics medicine is also largely an art. Now, what do I mean? To illustrate, we have two doctors, Doctor A and Doctor B whom are qualified and fully competent to administer a nose filler. Who should we choose?


As most of you know, the nose filler procedure have the effect of sharpening and contouring the nose by increasing the height of the nose bridge. Nose filler can also increase protrusion of the nose tip for a more aesthetically pleasing facial profile.


The question of how high the nose should be, and how protruding the nose tip should be are not questions of medical science, but questions of aesthetics, art and beauty.

Doctor A may feel that for a nose to be aesthetically pleasing, it should be this high, but Doctor B may insist that it should be a little lower. The outcome of the procedure will therefore be very different even if the same type of filler and technique are used.

So, what is my guiding principle when looking for an aesthetics doctor? To begin with, I am blessed with the necessary skills and often administer cosmetics treatment on myself with a mirror in one hand, and a needle in another.


But if I have to choose, I will keep things simple and just ask one question: Do I like the doctor’s face & style?


If the answer is yes, then it probably means that I trust the doctor enough and am comfortable with the doctor after consultation, and that is why his or her face looks good to me.


I am a big believer in trusting your instincts and intuition, which are essentially built and derived from your many years of experience as a human living on earth. When you have a bad feeling about something, it is usually true because your gut instincts processes all twenty years of your experience as human, and gives you the answer in 3 seconds.


I also believe that in life, we project what we personally and sincerely believe to be the best or ideal when making recommendations to others.


So a doctor will probably impose what he or she thinks is aesthetically pleasing on me as a patient – I therefore need to like the doctor’s face and style, because the minimally invasive aesthetics procedure done on me will carry the hallmark of what the doctor believes to be beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

This is of course based on the assumption that it is a properly qualified doctor we are talking about - since  all qualified doctors must have went through vigorous medical training to be qualified, I am quite confident that my colleagues are all greatly competent and qualified in their medical knowledge and skill. 

So, what better question is there then to ask: do I like the doctor’s face & style? If I have to choose, I will chose her to be my doctor:


Tiffiny Yang ​

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