A Note from Me to You



Welcome to my site.


I work as a full-time cosmetic medical doctor with about 10 years of medical cosmetic practice experience, amongst other accomplishments. I prefer not to bore you with a long list of medical qualifications, certifications and institutional associations which most qualified cosmetic medical doctor would possess. Suffice to say, I graduated from the best medical school in Asia in my time and am also a long-standing member of good standing with the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine. I do so love my work in medical cosmetic practice which is focused on minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.


Standard boring qualifications aside, I once held the title of Ms. Singapore Universe 2010, was featured by both FHM Singapore in a 5 page spread and FHM Chinese International (which is published and distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia) in an 8 page spread. I was the cover girl for health magazine Wellness No.1 and was featured in Teenage and Mother & Baby. In Sept 2017, I was also cover girl for FHM Taiwan Chinese International.


As a previous judge for the FHM Girl Next Door Competition in 2015, as well as for various prestigious beauty pageants over the years, it is my passion to help every man and woman to be the most gorgeous that he or she can be with my keen eye for beauty - I am confident I can give the best fit recommendations for all your cosmetic needs.


My motto and belief is that good beauty is not overhauling a person’s appearance entirely, but to enhance and mak better what nature has given and hence improving one’s confidence that shines forth from the face to make one beautiful – hence my love for minimally invasive cosmetic medicine and makeup.


My wish is for women and men around the world to stay young and look good forever - look their 20s in their 30s, 30s in their 40s, and 30s in their 50s and then continue in their 30s for as long as they desire. Is this possible, some may ask? With diligent maintenance and meticulous care, 100% absolutely!


Feel free to drop by any time and ask me how! :)

Please feel free to email me here, or drop me a message here anytime. 


Tiffiny Yang