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The Miracle of Botox

Botox must certainly be the single most well known product when anyone considers or discusses a visit to their beauty doctor for beautification procedures. It also seems to be the most feared product among those who are still resistant to the idea of doing anything to their faces in the name of vanity.

It could also be the single most misunderstood product among those uneducated of its uses and purposes.

Indeed, it is a toxin derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, but it is as poisonous as the cough syrup sitting in your medicine cabinet. As any medication can be unsafe with improper usage, the converse is true. All medicines (yes, even Botox) are safe with proper prescription, accurate dosage and correct application. So I suppose that as long as you are not trying to administer Botox on your own at your home sink, you're not exactly taking a big risk by visiting your aesthetic doctor for a little bit of that wondrous jab that makes you almost instantly more lifted and youthful.

Botox actually has many medical applications that help people cope with their lives, and not just for beautification purposes. It has relieved the woes of many with cerebral palsy, stroke, incontinence, blepharospasm, migraine, excessive sweating and many of such similar muscular conditions that would never have had a moment of relief otherwise. To them, Botox would be a miracle drug akin to being reborn.

Of course, Botox has been majorly used for beautification more and more in the last decade - probably more so than its medical applications. Seeing its great ambit of use in mankind, both for saving lives and for saving faces, how can it not be deemed as a miracle discovery of some sort!

Besides its standard, commonly-known, FDA-approved ability to reduce frown lines (as well as essentially lines anywhere on the face - forehead, crow's feet, undereyes, you name it), it also relaxes muscles so that they can debulk. Debulking is very useful in beautification, such as:

1.   Face slimming or botox jaw reduction, where the masseter muscles are reduced to make the appearance of a smaller, sharper face. (Read more about it here:


2.   Upper eyebags, where it can reduce unsightly bulges caused by the pre-tarsal muscles under the eyes especially when you smile


3.   Leg slimming, where the gastrocnemius muscles are reduced to make the legs shapelier and longer. Woo-hoo~

Indeed, it can even enhance the chin in some people with receding chins when it relaxes the mentalis muscle of the chin so that the chin is able to relax and make the profile of the jawline project forward.

Who doesn't want to have a smaller face, bigger brighter eyes and sexier legs if they can, in a single simple treatment of botox with only injections, no need for scars or surgery!

What else can it do? How about droopy skin and double chins?

No way, you may say, but omg, botox can do skin tightening too! And not just the wrinkle smoothening kind. It can actually be used to lift loose skin that has dropped down to form chubby cheeks (or jowls) so your face looks sharper and slimmer instantly. For many people who found that botox jaw reduction did not work for them, this may very well be the solution - as the masseter muscles may not always be the issue but skin that is losing its elasticity and becoming less taut.

Similarly, a double chin that is forming under your chin may not always be fat that needs to be dissolved. From my experience, I have observed that it is very commonly due to loose skin that is not clinging as tightly to your jawline and instead hangs down more and more, so a quick procedure to tighten it back with botox can make you very happy almost as soon as you walk out of the doctor's office. (Refer to:

Seeing what amazing things a little vial of Botox can achieve, we may be able to agree now that it really seems to be a miracle drug, unsurpassed before and probably after. Unless someone really discovers the so-very-elusive elixir of youth.



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